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Teen Challenge’s SPRINGBOARD HOME FOR YOUTH IN CRISIS is a 3-5-month residential shelter for girls ages 12-17 and is licensed through the Arizona Department of Child Safety. Springboard’s doors opened in October of 1976 as a non-profit, temporary shelter care home, after Rev. Snow Peabody State Executive Director for Teen Challenge AZ, saw a need to reach out and help teens in crisis. Since that time, some 9,000 young ladies have gone through Springboard Home.

Teen Challenge began in 1958 when Rev. David Wilkerson, author of “The Cross and the Switchblade”, went to New York to reach teenage gang members with God’s love. There in the heart of the big city slums, Teen Challenge was born. Now there are over 170 Teen Challenge centers in 90 countries, helping not only teens, but also adults with life-controlling problems, mainly in the area of drug and alcohol abuse. Presently, in the State of Arizona, there are three adult men’s facilities, one women’s center with children and one female adolescent center …. SPRINGBOARD.

Butterfly Stories
Nationally, the Teen Challenge program boasts an unparalleled 86% success rate as documented through multiple independent studies.

Mission & HistoryWe exist to help young ladies become mentally stable, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive!

Our Springboard Home for Adolescent Girls in Crisis, a shelter home for young ladies, ages 12-17 is located in Tucson’s northwest area. Springboard is licensed by the State of Arizona Department of Child Services (DCS). Each year, the state reviews and licenses the Springboard program. Additionally, Teen Challenge of Arizona and Springboard is reviewed and accredited by Teen Challenge USA, to ensure excellence in serving families during difficult times.
Though the Teen Challenge of Arizona facilities are spread out over many miles, we at Teen Challenge consider ourselves one family, with one mind, and one goal. That goal is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in reaching out to the lost that they may be found.

What We OfferHow a Butterfly Story is created:

  • Counseling

    Each week, the young women and their families receive biblical counseling designed to address the immediate issues faced by the family in crisis. In addition, providing long-term tools to ensure complete family reconciliation and success in subsequent challenges. A Service Care Plan is created at the time of admission to ensure that holistic biblical counseling services are provided to each family we serve.

  • Education

    A Teen Challenge certified teacher on staff leads each of the students through a Nationally Accredited Teen Challenge curriculum, instructing the young ladies in character development, faith-based principles, as well as practical living skills. A total of four (4) units must be completed in the above areas for their program to have reached completion and to be considered for our annual graduation from the program. Many school districts may offer credit for physical education, home economics, community service, language arts and choir to the young ladies who successfully complete the Springboard program.

  • Care

    24-hour constant care under the supervision of highly-trained staff, ensures that each of the young ladies we serve gets the best physical and emotional care while they are recovering from a time of crisis. Although a highly-structured program, recreation, field trips and other fun activities are implemented for the purpose of providing a well-rounded experience to meet the many needs of our residents. Each of our students are treated with the utmost of respect and dignity and find a valuable balance between these elements of the Springboard program. Follow up with each family varies upon completion of the program, but no less than 3 months of follow up care is completed with each graduate.

The GoalChange a story. Change a life.

Our goal at Springboard is to provide a warm, loving, nurturing and structured environment for the young ladies… an environment in which they can grow and overcome their life-controlling issues while developing a disciplined life. Through curriculum, counseling and ministry, we strive to reunite the entire family into healthy and loving relationships. We address both the issues that created the current crisis as well as providing tools to avert crisis in the future.

Through discipleship, we address the root sin issues that have brought them to their current situation. We address the head, the heart and the hands of each student.

The StaffMeet our Director.

Debra J. Stevenson serves as Center Director for the Springboard Home. Holding her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and a B.A. in Counseling and Comparative Religion, Debra understands the importance of compassionate care combined with Biblical curriculum and counseling to help transform the heart for a lifetime. As a Licensed Minister, Debra has extensive ministry experience and is dedicated to ensuring that each student is given the greatest opportunity to discover who they are in Christ and embrace a new life, hope and future in Him.

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Our Staff

Springboard has a professional staff of teachers, houseparents, administrative staff, and faculty. All of the staff at Springboard is well-trained and dedicated to ministering to the young ladies with whom we are entrusted. The staff at Springboard is both professional and compassionate. In addition to being properly trained, certified, and qualified; we believe that each staff member is called and equipped to be here. Each of us takes seriously our commitment to the Lord, the young ladies we minister to, and the families we serve.

Debra J. Stevenson - Director
Marla MickelsonCenter Supervisor / Intake Coordinator
Suzi KingBiblical Counselor

The Board of Directors

Mr. Tim Peterson - Board Chairman
Rev. Snow Peabody - Board Member, Executive State Director
Ms. Kim I. Chatterton - Board Vice Chairwoman
Rev. Stephen L. Harris - Board Member
Mr. Bruce Rivera - Board Secretary
Mr. Nick Petrucci - Board Member
Mr. Jim Graves - Board Treasurer
Jami Branham - Board Member