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Congresswoman Martha McSally congratulates Springboard and Teen Challenge of Arizona.

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“My name is Abbey and I grew up in a loving Christian family. However, at the age of 9, I started to be sexually abused by a relative. As a result, I hardened my heart towards God and struggled with an eating disorder. I fell into a pit of hopelessness and began using drugs and alcohol as an escape. After finding out I was pregnant and miscarrying, I wrote a letter to my parents, crying out for help.

They searched for a program for me, and found Springboard. I walked through the doors with every intention of not changing my beliefs about God, but the program wasn’t what I expected. I was immediately shown God’s love through the staff, I learned about having a personal relationship with God in the classroom, and I worked through my root issues in counseling. I accepted Jesus into my heart and for the first time felt like I had a purpose. I knew then that I had a passion and desire to help people.

After interning for 6 months at Teen Challenge, I am now embarking on a 9 month mission trip to Guatemala, Thailand, Malaysia, and Swaziland. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to share the love of God with others and watch as they experience the same restoration I did when I began having a relationship with Jesus.”

Some names have been removed for the safety and privacy of students and families. (WARNING: These testimonies contain sensitive material that may not be suitable for children!)

"I was victimized by an online pedophile when I was 12 and fell into a depression of shame and guilt. I smoked spice and marijuana, popped pain pills and anti-anxiety pills, as well as, drank alcohol. I attempted suicide 4 times and cut countless times and was put in a behavioral health hospital 3 times. I came here to Springboard and my life has been changed. I’ve had a physical experience with God that filled me with Joy, Peace and Strength. My relationship with God is so strong now and I am completely in love with Him. All I want to do is serve and praise Him. I will be coming back to do an internship when I graduate high school to help other girls who are in the position I was in. All the glory goes to God as He’s given me my life back."
"For 11 years of my life, I was sexually abused by my Grandpa. My freshman year the abuse was brought to light and things quickly moved into a downward spiral. I tried numbing my pain with an eating disorder, drugs, self-harm, sex, drinking…I tried it all, but it was never enough and nothing brought me the peace I was looking for. I graduated high school a year early and moved in with my best friend. I was offered molly a few months later and a week into using it, I found out it was meth. I was hooked, went through awful withdrawals as a result and my best friend’s stepdad raped me the 4th of July. I was looking for some sort of way out when I was invited to help staff at a kid’s camp for my old church.

My first night there on 7/17/14, I received God as my Savior. My family and I quickly began looking for a place I could go to build a foundation on God and get away from the harmful things I was doing. We found Springboard and within a week we were on a plane with over half of the funds already provided for. After only about 2 months here, the peace I have found in God surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced. My life is forever changed and I have been redeemed completely by God’s unfailing love. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me in the near future."
"I had a hard life growing up. Even though I was spoiled, I needed something else. I thought I found it in bud light cans and cocaine and that the party life was the life for me. At 16, I was hooked partying, being promiscuous with all kinds of guys and coming home at crazy hours. I was admitted to Teen Challenge Springboard on August 8th and was saved the 17th of that same month. Springboard is no picnic, but I’ve learned that I’m Loved, I’m Chosen and a Daughter of the King. I’m 17 now and plan on going back to school and growing in Christ. Living for God is the most amazing thing and I found the love I was looking for. I am more satisfied than I ever was with drugs. God is Good!"
"When I came into Springboard, I saw no future for myself. I was in a dark place doing some bad things. I rebuked God and hated him for the life I lived. I didn’t want to live anymore and tried taking my own life. I thought I was worthless and a mistake. After living at the Springboard home for 3 months, my life changed entirely. I experienced the love of God in a new way and found the truth. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and have experienced the most love, joy, discipline, peace and happiness I have ever had. I learned how to have a true relationship with my loving God and live out the Christian walk. Springboard changed me in ways that are indescribable."
"I grew up in a Christian home with both parents being strong Christians. When I was 9, I started getting bullied and wanted to die. At 10, my dad physically abused me. I felt worthless and always wanted his attention and this led to many self-conscious issues. Freshman year was when it hit me hard and I looked for male attention through boyfriends. I sent pictures of myself just to get approval, even if I didn’t know who they were and I started cutting. On June 7, 2014, my dad physically abused me for the 2nd time and he moved out. On July 22, 2014, I entered the Springboard program and 5 days later I asked Jesus into my heart. On August 28, 2014, through God’s help, I was able to forgive my dad and he moved back in. God has completely restored our relationship.

Colossians 3:13 – Remember the Lord has forgiven you so you must forgive others."
"Growing up, my home was very hectic and unstable. There was a lot of screaming and arguments and as a young girl I became very lost. At the age of 6, I had a man that came to our house while my parents were gone. My nanny’s husband began touching me until it became full- fledged rape that lasted a year. After that, my depression and self- hatred grew until I began cutting and starving myself. The cutting went on for 5 years and the depression got worse as my suicide attempts began. At 14, I started hanging with the wrong kids and within 5 months became involved in a gang and started using cocaine. I got busted running away and was sent away for 2 months in a treatment center that treated me badly. I got out and acted better, but I was still trapped in sadness and self-hatred. About 8 months ago, my best friend and the best person I had killed himself. In fact, he was the 3rd person in my life to do so, but he was my best friend and my heart was broken. I wanted to die and I was all alone. Two months later my mom’s brother (my uncle) shot himself. It threw my family into a tail spin and a day after his funeral I ran away for 3 days. After that, I called my mom and had her come get me. I had a panic attack and was put in an acute care center. Nine days later, I was brought here to Springboard.

Since coming to Springboard, I’ve regained my hope and have fallen completely head over heels for Jesus. I no longer want to die, but instead I want to live and help young girls find hope. I plan on becoming a missionary to help women who have been sex-trafficked.

Springboard saved my life and gave it meaning and hope!"

“I speak from more than 20 years of knowledge of the organization when I tell you, Teen Challenge works.” – Ronald Reagan

“I’ve believed in this ministry since its very beginning…Thank God for Teen Challenge!” – Rev. Billy Graham

“Teen Challenge succeeds when all of the government programs failed.” – Charles Colson

“Teen Challenge is one of the most successful programs in our country.” –  George W. Bush