Christ-Centered Curriculum – The Head

The curriculum used at Springboard is Christ-centered and focuses on very practical aspects of both faith and conduct while challenging their character. Each student is expected to a minimum of complete four units of the curriculum to satisfactorily complete the Springboard program. Each unit is carefully customized for each student, specifically addressing their issues while challenging their faith.

Biblical Counseling – The Heart

As a ministry, we approach life-controlling issues with the understanding that they are directly rooted in sin, our model for counseling therefore is established upon that understanding. Our Counselors are Biblical Counselors utilizing a Biblical Christian counseling modality (as opposed to psychotherapy), maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Our Counselors effectively utilize Scripture to shed light upon those areas of sin in the lives of our students and provide them with truth to overcome those issues. It is this practical application of God’s Word that makes the Teen Challenge program the most successful of its’ kind.

Family Counseling – The Heart

Family Counseling is a critical component of the Springboard program. Not only is it necessary to help reunite the family that has been splintered through drugs, rebellion, abuse, including self-harm, etc., but our objective is to help parents learn how to disciple their daughters beyond Springboard. We want to help your family through the current crisis, but also give both you and your daughter the tools to overcome issues that may arise in the future. Parents are requested to cooperatively participate, including completing any assignments they are requested to work on along with their daughter.

Compassionate Care & Structure – The Hands

While the curriculum is designed to address the head and the counseling is designed to minister to the heart, the day in and day out care provided at Springboard is designed to put into action what is being learned, and help bring about the transformation of the heart in a very practical way. Students have the opportunity to apply biblical principles in relationships, attitude and personal responsibility in everyday situations with staff and other students. This helps them to develop habits that will carry over into their new lives at home.


YOU HAVE A PART! You (as parents and guardians) have an active role during the time that your daughter is at Springboard. Your level of commitment to family counseling, helping your daughter obey the rules of the program and your dedication to the ministry of Springboard will make a tremendous difference in the success of your daughter’s stay and her life when she returns home.

Family Counseling Assignments

Your Counselor will request your active participation in several ways. You will be asked to read the following books:

  • BoundariesCloud and Townsend
  • Five Love Languages of TeensChapman
  • The Bait of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of OffenseJohn Bevere
  • The Battlefield of the MindJoyce Meyers

This will provide you with information that will be referred to during counseling and give both you and your daughter a basic understanding of our counseling.  She will be reading the books as well during her stay.  Additional books may be assigned as necessary.

Parent Workshops

Springboard hosts “Parent Workshops” that will provide you with teaching that address specific issues as they relate to communication and behavioral issues.

You will be requested to participate in all activities. It is a critical part of the program and when you bring your daughter to Springboard, you are agreeing to partner with us to do all you can to help her in this process of transformation. Families that fully participate and follow our program outline see tremendous success in their daughter’s transformation.

Those that do not have a greater chance of contacting us after their daughter has completed our program requesting that she return. Your participation is critical if you desire to see your daughter’s life transformed and your family restored to what it should be.

Phone Calls & Letters

We want to make sure that you have time to communicate with your daughter on a regular basis.  However, at first, there are some limitations.  Please review the schedule below to see when letters and phone calls are permitted.

  • Week 1 and 2 – No calls or letters
  • Week 3 and 4 –
    • She may write letters to and receive letters from people on the “Contacts Allowed List”
  • Week 5 through end of Springboard stay –
    • She may write letters to and receive letters from people on the “Contacts Allowed List”
    • 10-minute visit telephone call from immediate family (per approved schedule)


The following tabs will give you an overview of what your daughter will be experiencing during her stay at Springboard:

Teen Challenge / Springboard is a faith-based, Christ-centered program.  All of our activities, curriculum, counseling and daily living are from this perspective.  As a result, your daughter will be attending church a minimum of three (3) times each week.  She will be expected to take notes at each service and be respectful, even if she does not embrace the Christian faith.

Your daughter’s choice to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and allow Him access into her life, is exactly that… her choice!  We will not force her into that decision, not punish her ever for not making that decision.  We will encourage her and love her right where she is spiritually; hoping and praying that she will surrender to God and His plan for her life. All we ask is that she demonstrates respect at all church services, chapel, devotions, special services, etc.  Failure to show a basic level of respect WILL result in consequences due to the lack of respect, NOT a lack of faith.

Moreover, devotions are an important part of each day. This is a time that is set aside in the morning and before bedtime when we worship, pray and thank God for what He is doing in our lives. Everyone is expected to participate and be respectful. These times can include a time of music, Bible reading and prayer. Morning devotions will start immediately after breakfast and nightly devotions will be done immediately before ‘lights out’.